„Let`s go into the Gypsy neighborhood“ Update: “Brothers, Help Us!”


Picture: Focus Information Agency
Picture: bulgaria-news.bg

In Bulgaria`s capital Sofia began Saturday evening an attack against Roma people in the „Orlandovtsi“ neighborhood. Over 200 people gathered Sunday at the community center, carrying bulgarian Flags and poles and chanted „Let`s go into the Gypsy neighborhood.“ The rally against Roma people will be continued today (Bulgaria-News).

Picture: bulgaria-news.bg

According to Sofia News Agency a fight between Bulgarian and Romani youths over loud music on Saturday evening, which had left six people injured and two detained led to the pogrom on Sunday (Focus Information Agency).

Picture: novinite.com. Police and Gendarmes are highly present in the neighborhood.

A lot of football fans joined the pogrom against Roma, some of them carrying bats, while Roma had gathered in the neighborhood armed with whatever was at their disposal in order to protect themselves against the thugs (Sofia News Agency).

The Bulgarian „demontrators“ shouted „Bulgarians heroes“ and „Gypsies into soap.“ They are complaining against so called „gypsy criminality“ and think that they have the right to invade the Roma neighborhood and to physically attack the Roma people.

Picture: standartnews.com. One person was hit with an ax. His condition is not serious.

See also: Video: „Bulgaria anti Roma Protest rally Razmirici Varna Katunica Bulgarians clash with the police“, 25.05.15, http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2rfjac.

UPDATE: “BROTHERS, HELP US!” ANGER, FEAR AND INSECURITY AMONG ROMA IN BULGARIA http://freeroma.wix.com/freeroma#!Brothers-Help-Us-Anger-Fear-and-Insecurity-among-Roma-in-Bulgaria/cmbz/5587c0250cf25bae5cacae1e

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