The Eviction

“In this short photofilm we show what may happen when you socially exclude a group on the basis of their ethnicity. This process of exclusion has been going on for centuries, in this case it’s in Romania. 
The photofilm shows an eviction of a Roma community in Eforie Sud, a small coastal resort near the Black Sea in Romania. On 27 September 2013, after having received a ten days notice from the mayor, a Roma community was bulldozed, without any resistance from non-Roma civil society groups, political parties or inhabitants. As if it was just daily routine. About 100 people, half of them children, were left homeless in the pouring rain. The majority had been living there for decades. After three days, some families were allowed to seek shelter in a dilapidated building without facilities. Others stayed on the ruins in makeshift huts just because they had no place to go. After two weeks these huts were bulldozed as well – as the photofilm shows.” 
Made by Rachel Corner (photographer), Laurens Nijzink (journalist) and Peter Jorna.