Radical Remission: Shin Terayama

“Shin, who is known for his large white beard and always smiling face, radiates happiness. However, this was not always the case. In 1984, Shin was a solid-state physicist working eighteen hours a day when he was diagnosed with cancer of his kidney. Despite the intensive orthodox treatment, he received, his cancer progressed until he was just skin and bones and was thought to be in the final stages of his illness. One night he dreamt that he was at his own funeral. As the lid of his coffin was closing, he yelled, “No, I’m still alive!” Shortly after his dream, his sense of smell became so strong the he couldn’t sleep in the wards with the constant array of aromas. So one night he took himself up to the roof of the hospital, where the air was fresh and clean. Despite pleas from the nursing staff, Shin refused to come back to the ward. Although his health was fragile, the following day he listened to the signals of his body and discharged himself from the hospital, realizing that now he needed to take responsibility for his own life, and in particular his illness. Not wanting to take painkillers for the pain in his chest because they dulled his senses, he intuitively was guided to place his own hand on his chest and speak to his cancer: I created you by myself, and I am sorry, but you are still part of my body. It was my mistake and I am sorry, so please forgive me. You are like my baby, so I love you. As he sent love to his cancer, the pain decreased, and he started to sleep at night. After months of this kind focused healing, which included changing his diet, meditation, and playing his beloved cello, Shin’s cancer went into remission, and he has been cancer-free for many years. He now travels internationally, sharing his story and giving seminars, reminding the audience that the most powerful form of healing is love. Whenever he starts his talk, he taps his chest and says, “I love you cancer!”. (Christine Page, The Healing power of the Sacred Woman. Health, Creativity, and Fertility for the Soul)

Stories of Radical Remission by Hay House Productions (Episode 1)

Radical Remission Docuseries Full Trailer (Hay House)

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