I see you studying my moves, poisoning my atmosphere with evil thoughts and misconceptions.

Why don’t you shut down your infected analysis and let me live my life in peace?

Wouldn’t be better to pass by without looking to control me or judging my way of living?

Is it so complicated for you to understand that there are different ways of existing than the one governed by your imprisoned mentality?

I don’t think your enslaved life protected by moral compromises and toxic attitude is in any way an option.

Despite your pride, your life is a total mess, not free-thinking, not a joyful, loving existence.

You have no courage to enjoy life and because you are a coward, you want everybody to be like you.

What a shame, I don’t want to live an ignorant life like yours!

It is a waste of time and energy.

I command you to focus on your life and to let me be Who I AM!

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