An anti-Roma pogrom in Athens, a short note and a timeline of the pogrom

A short note:

Welcome to Athens: For the last three days, a pogrom against Roma communities at the eastern district of Menidi is taking place. It started after the accidental death of an 11 years old pupil by a stray bullet. It is not clear who was responsible for the death. The Roma people in general were blamed immediately and automatically. The attacks started, attempting to drive them out from an area that they have lived in for more than 60 years

The current situation points to the fact that this society is increasingly showing a fascist face. The current pogrom also renders obvious the limitations of the antifascist and anti-racist movement in Greece and elsewhere. The pogrom is actually happening in total absence of anyone who calls themselves left, anarchist or even communist. While the left is celebrating the “victory” of identity politics with its destructive consequences, at the…

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