Slovakia: Three skinheads assault Romani mother and her children with racist abuse

A still from the reportage published by about an incident in which a Romani woman and her children were attacked in their own home by skinheads (2017).

News server reported yesterday that a young Romani mother named Naděžda was targeted for attack in the Slovak village of Snina by three aggressive men who looked like skinheads. Just before 8 PM the men broke into her home where she was alone with her children, the youngest of whom is a two-week-old infant.

Naděžda told the news server that her family survived the aggressive attack only thanks to the timely intervention of police officers, who came to the scene after she hid with her children from the assailants in the bathroom. She said she was convinced that the fact that the infant had kept quiet and not given away their hiding place was part of their successful rescue.

The attackers were searching the house when police arrived. “I’m Hitler, I’m the boss here, I’m going to kill you all,” Naděžda said one assailant threatened her when he and his two friends burst into the apartment.

One allegedly shouted racist abuse at her, calling her a “filthy gypsy” and a “whore”. Naděžda said the men were probably from Košice and had shaved heads and tattoos.

The assailants’ behavior frightened the children. Naděžda said the men continued their aggressive behavior even after they were arrested and sitting in the police vehicle.

The men ended up in preliminary detention cells at the police station in Snina. “I can confirm that the case is being dealt with as a racially motivated felony by NAKA [the National Crime Agency],” Martin Wäldl, spokesperson for the Police Presidium of the Slovak Republic, told the news server.

Adéla Gálová, translated by Gwendolyn Albert

An anti-Roma pogrom in Athens, a short note and a timeline of the pogrom

A short note:

Welcome to Athens: For the last three days, a pogrom against Roma communities at the eastern district of Menidi is taking place. It started after the accidental death of an 11 years old pupil by a stray bullet. It is not clear who was responsible for the death. The Roma people in general were blamed immediately and automatically. The attacks started, attempting to drive them out from an area that they have lived in for more than 60 years

The current situation points to the fact that this society is increasingly showing a fascist face. The current pogrom also renders obvious the limitations of the antifascist and anti-racist movement in Greece and elsewhere. The pogrom is actually happening in total absence of anyone who calls themselves left, anarchist or even communist. While the left is celebrating the “victory” of identity politics with its destructive consequences, at the…

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Victory for Roma: Macedonia Agrees to Pay Compensation for Roma Prison Death

Budapest, 15 June 2017: The Government of Macedonia have agreed to pay €9,000 in compensation to the family of a Romani man who died in suspicious circumstances in prison. The payment is part of a friendly settlement published today which brings to an end a case against Macedonia before the European Court of Human Rights that has been pending since 2014.

The friendly settlement comes as evidence of a trend of similar deaths of Roma – the country’s second-largest and most oppressed minority – is emerging.

On 30 July 2010, a 19 year-old Romani man identified publicly in court papers as “R.A.” began serving a three-month prison sentence in Gevgelija, a city in southern Macedonia. A drug user, R.A. was administered methadone after being admitted to prison and was prescribed a daily dose. He was placed alone in a six-bed room. The methadone was supposed to be kept in a locked cabinet out of his reach. On the morning of 1 August 2010, less than 48 hours after starting his sentence, he was taken to hospital; by the time he arrived, he was in a coma, with bruises on his head. An autopsy concluded he had died from lung inflammation, aggravated by high levels of methadone and barbiturates which had depressed his breathing, leading to organ failure. The level of methadone in his blood was more than seven times what it should have been.

The European Roma Rights Centre supported the family’s attempts to get justice through the criminal justice system in Macedonia. But the family’s criminal complaints and civil lawsuit went nowhere. As a result, in 2014 the family, with the ERRC’s help, complained to the European Court of Human Rights.

Friendly settlement proceedings in the European Court are confidential, and so the settlement could not be revealed until today.

The Government’s agreement to pay compensation brings this case to an end, but a pattern of similar deaths of Roma in Macedonian prisons has only just begun to emerge. On 11 March 2017, Andrias Redjepov, a 21-year-old Romani man died in prison in Skopje, the Macedonian capital. His family were told that he died of a combination of methadone and diazepam, but they have never been shown the autopsy report, and there is evidence he was subjected to serious police violence in the hours before his death.

On 22 March, Erdal Jusinov, a 25 year-old Romani father of two, died in prison in Shtip. There are reports that he was being mistreated by prison guards and doctors and was not receiving enough food. He was taking medicine given to him by a prison doctor at the time he died.

The most recent case occurred on the 2nd June when a 45-year-old Romani woman from Strumica was found dead in Skopje’s prison ‘Idrizovo’. The family of the deceased Romani woman claims that her death was the result of torture and beating she was subjected to by prison guards, and the subsequent inappropriate treatment by prison doctors. The prison authorities have denied all the family’s allegations, arguing that the woman had serious personal health problems.

Roma houses on fire.. A third day of an anti-Roma pogrom in Athens

Massive riots by a racist mob in Menidi area (North West Athens) were reported yesterday, Monday June 12th by Greek mass media. A racist anti-Roma pogrom is actually happening in Athens for the third consecutive day.

The Mayor of Aharnon district, Giannis Kassavou was among the participants of  yesterday’s manifestation, in the wake of the death of the 10 year old A pupil from a stray bullets a few days ago. The manifestation started a while after 7pm in the Afternoon with thousands of participants.

Around 10.30 in the evening, a  mob passed the train lines of suburban railway and approached the point where Roma houses are located. The police seem to have repelled them.

You can watch a video

On Sunday June 11th, the  racist anti-Roma mob attacked and set on fire a house where a Roma family lives in Menidi district. The pictures bellow are taken from the…

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