Police Attack Roma Community in Slovakia

This video footage shows the police brutality against a Roma neighborhood in Zborov on 16th April. It was filmed by a witness. It brings out that the police makes no difference between children and elderly in their attack. They beat everyone with the stick that is in their way and it doesn’t matter if the person need special protection because of their age or gender. So it is no miracle that nobody of the Roma community wants to talk to the police and have no trust. They even threaten the witness to delete this evidence.


The history of Humanity must be restored and fully understood. There is no place to hide from the Truth. And the Truth comes out whatever the laboratories of propaganda will do, no matter if the corrupted political class, the bureaucrats of the rotten institutions or the depraved churches of the European civilisation of mass-murder will still try. Kevin Annett offers us the way to gain the real solidarity, which is the only way to realise the Unity of consciousness.