Social justice in Pata Cluj

A movie about the way Romanian authorities deliberately ignores the rights of Romani people from Cluj-Napoca. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case but the very common situation of Romani communities all over Europe. One may ask if there is any hope from Brussels?! It seems this is the real face of the ‘integration policy’. As the truth is covered by mainstream media, thousand of families prepare themselves for a hard winter. In this time of crisis, where the radical right wing intensifies its actions and wants to gain the political power, after a strong and maybe wanted failure of the left and ‘internationalist’ policy, we have to ask ourselves where all the funds for integration disappeared ? As we see in the movie, the condition of those people didn’t change, as they were moved from a place of isolation to another. We speak about children and women which will freeze in the winter cold in the time when the ‘Specialist of integration’ share the amount of money they collected after their ‘successful projects’.

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