DAS FALSCHE WORT: Wiedergutmachung an “Zigeunern” (Sinte) in Deutschland? (1987) von Melanie Spitta und Katrin Seybold

“Were the Sinti ‘compensated’ after their persecution by the Nazis? Classic document about a gruesome mechanism. Or how the Gypsies were still seen as a guilty party and culprits were regarded as independent experts. A comprehensive report of the persecution of German Sinti by the Nazis, seen from the point of view of the Gypsies themselves. The film makers investigated whether the Sinti in Germany have received the `compensation’ they deserve. On their quest, they discovered material that had previously remained hidden; collected and hidden by the culprits with the intention of delaying compensation as long as possible if not to prevent it entirely. In an attempt to tackle the culprits with this evidence, the Gypsies still turned out to be regarded as guilty.”

Seybold, Katrin „WIR BRAUCHEN NICHT AUFZUSCHREIBEN, WER DIE MÖRDER AN UNS SINTE WAREN, WIR WISSEN ES“ (Melanie Spitta), in: Dachauer Hefte /Studien und Dokumente zur Geschichte der nationalsozialistischen Konzentrationslager / Im Auftrag des Comité International de Dachau, Brüssel, Hg.: Benz, Wolfgang / Distel, Barbara, 21. Jahrgang 2005 Heft 21 (November 2005) Häftlingsgesellschaft.

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